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Writers Work is a supportive community for writers in New York City. We want to help you enjoy the process of reaching your goals while encouraging the development of your craft and community. From the Rekindle Club, a supportive writing group, to the peaceful retreats, you are sure to find something to spark your creativity. Most of our events are in New York City, but we are now offering an online forum for writing prompts and feedback.

As Brene Brown puts it, "Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame.” We want to help you have use that creativity in a fun, constructive and communal way.

Writers Work was started by writers and is constantly evolving for the needs and wants of writers.  Feel free to contact our founder, Tracy@writerswork.org with any questions or suggestions. And of course, please sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) and join our facebook group for updates and discounts on future events.

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Don't Forget:

I'm branching out! Make It Work Mondays is a program for anyone (not just writers) who has a big dream. This program offers accountability, structure, feedback, and camaraderie for anyone who's  trying to start something that is bigger than themselves . It took me years to develop the discipline and commitment to build Writers Work into the successful organization it it now. I want to share the skills I learned to help other self-starters make the most of their time and energy. 
If you know someone who wants to start a business, or has a dream that's bigger than themselves, let them know about Make It Work Mondays!

Make sure to get on the waiting list for the next Rekindle Club. This is the perfect writing group for anyone who's looking to enjoy the writing process again. During these fun, intimate group gatherings we will tackle our inhibitions and develop our craft in a non-judgmental environment. Limited to five people.

Make sure you get on the waiting list for the next writer's retreat. The next one is scheduled for the fall. Since these retreats fill up right away, fill out this form to make sure you get first dibs!



The writer's retreat is set in the snowy foothills of the Catskills. With the perfect mix of writing exercises, activities, and free time, this retreat is an opportunity to recharge and recommit to your craft.

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Rekindle Club

Rediscover your love of writing in a fun, non-judgmental environment. Meet other creative people who will cheer you on and help you grow as a writer. This five week program will help you finish a project, and enjoy the process.

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Join a community of motivated writers,  enjoy weekly events in NYC, receive writing prompts and inspiration and participate in unique writing classes. If you're looking to branch out and move to the next stage, this is perfect for you!

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