Everyone leaves this retreat gaining something unique. For some, it's the writing exercises that help them think in a whole new way. For others, it's conversations during the incredible meals, the inspiring landscape, the absence of distractions, or the free time to just write. Whatever it is you need for your writing, I am certain you will get it during the writer's retreat! Take some time off while nurturing your creative spirit.

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Everything about this retreat exceeded my expectations, from the food and the lodging to the writing exercises and the sense of community and camaraderie we developed over just a few days. I still can’t get over how giving each of the writers on this retreat were. The writers on this retreat were open to sharing, willing to listen, and more than happy to express their opinions in a kind, constructive, and productive way. I think that is what I felt more than anything this weekend: productive. And that’s an amazing thing to walk away from your first writing retreat with.
— Josh Conrad, Author and Actor
I was the most novice writer in the group and a first-timer in terms of writer’s retreats. Tracy gave me some ideas as to reasonable goals for my weekend before I arrived and encouraged me to share my writing with the group, who was very supportive. She moderated writing exercises and feedback sessions, and was always available for guidance or brainstorming. Tracy cooked all our delicious meals, which freed up so much time for writing! The house is gorgeous and comfortable, and the setting is very conducive to getting inspired and getting some writing done. It was really cool to meet the other writers in the group and inspiring to see how committed they all are to their craft. I would do this again even though I am not a full-time writer. It’s a great way to reset and check in with yourself if you want to keep up your writing practice. My family couldn’t believe how happy and centered I was when I returned home!
— Rosa Mae Neel, attorney
This was my first writers retreat and I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully it turned out to be a lovely, comfortable, delicious and inspiring experience. There’s nothing so satisfying as being creatively productive and that’s what the retreat gave us — the opportunity to be productive in whatever creative pursuit we chose to tackle.
— Caroline Roberts, Film Director
If you are considering one of Tracy’s writers’ retreats, consider no more, just do it! The one I attended was well-planned, with Tracy leading several helpful exercises, including learning to prepare a storyboard. She gave us lots of time for free writing in an atmosphere that inspired creative thoughts, without distractions — that was the key. Everyone wrote and was respectful of the others’ space and efforts. Plus, we had two edifying feedback sessions. As you would hope, getting to know several other writers was valuable in and of itself. We spent free time just talking about our writing, our books, our experiences, what worked and what didn’t, and what motivated us. And, for the gluttons among us, absolutely phenomenal and abundant food was brought to us three times a day from the venue’s own kitchen. The retreat facility was comfortable and spacious. We felt so pampered. I recommend Tracy’s retreats to anyone who would benefit from a change of scene and an absence of daily duties to fully engage in a productive writing experience.
— JoAnn Luehring, Attorney