This conference was amazing! It was supportive, informational, inspiring and exciting. It was also well-rounded and just a lot of fun!
— Deborah Staunton, writer
This is my second Writers Work conference and each time I come, I leave inspired with clear actionable steps to take to make my writing better. Thank you Tracy for creating this amazing space for writers to come together and grow.
— Sojourner Walker Williams, Writer
I wanted to thank you for coordinating the Writers Work Conference. It was much more than I expected. I loved the fact that there are a group of people that I can share with and begin to form new relationships to help me stay accountable to the craft of writing. Attending the invite has inspired me to stick to it.
— Lisa Deveaux, Financial Planner
I’ve been to a couple of writers conferences, but this conference was something I’ve never experienced. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging.
— Ria Almestica, teacher
It was interesting and useful to attend a conference in which some of the ‘stars’ were my peers. I could compare notes and experiences with them eye-to-eye, instead of hearing from a group of people who were all light years ahead of me. Each of the panelists had a different type of story to share, and all were happy to take the time to chat afterward. The atmosphere was casual and friendly, and I made some great connections
— April Greene, freelance writer and editor, NYC
This was my first writers retreat and I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully it turned out to be a lovely, comfortable, delicious and inspiring experience. There’s nothing so satisfying as being creatively productive and that’s what the retreat gave us — the opportunity to be productive in whatever creative pursuit we chose to tackle.
— Caroline Roberts, Director and Screenwriter
I am so glad that I decided to take the leap into my writing career by coming to this conference. The level of professionalism, the warm, constructive atmosphere, and the ability to learn and grow from others, as well obtain industry information was priceless.
— Felicia Pettiford, pre-school teacher
Great workshop! Saw instant improvement to my writing. Thanks.
— Andrea Phillips-Merriman
I was very impressed with the entire conference; each speaker had so much value for me.
— Paula Zimmerman, Psychic
I felt so lucky to find the Writers Work Conference and The HeSo Project. It can be easy to lose your way as a writer in NYC, and to feel alone in both your struggles and successes. The Conference offered the opportunity to connect with other writers in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere. It’s really rare to find a project that is so dedicated to helping people be pro-active about following their dreams. I look forward to attending more Conferences with people who encourage honest conversation and brave choices.
— Joanna Gurin, Playwright, Teaching Artist & Founder of BewilderArts
If you are considering one of Tracy’s writers’ retreats, consider no more, just do it! The one I attended was well-planned, with Tracy leading several helpful exercises, including learning to prepare a storyboard. She gave us lots of time for free writing in an atmosphere that inspired creative thoughts, without distractions — that was the key. Everyone wrote and was respectful of the others’ space and efforts. Plus, we had two edifying feedback sessions. As you would hope, getting to know several other writers was valuable in and of itself. We spent free time just talking about our writing, our books, our experiences, what worked and what didn’t, and what motivated us. And, for the gluttons among us, absolutely phenomenal and abundant food was brought to us three times a day from the venue’s own kitchen. The retreat facility was comfortable and spacious. We felt so pampered. I recommend Tracy’s retreats to anyone who would benefit from a change of scene and an absence of daily duties to fully engage in a productive writing experience.
— JoAnn Luehring, Attorney
In the weeks and months since the conference, I have experienced some pretty magical synchronicity. I picked up the sequel to my first novel and wrote three chapters in two days — a new record for someone who sometimes has a difficult time finding even thirty minutes a day to write my Morning Pages. I began revisiting all of the writing and creativity books on my bookshelf and rediscovered what I so often seem to forget: that writing is as necessary to me as food, water, oxygen, chocolate brownie ice cream, and the films of Rachel McAdams. When I don’t write, I grow bitter, cranky, and totally lost. But when I do write, it truly feels like anything is possible. I’m even inspired to go on a writing retreat (or two, or three) in the coming months to avoid the infamous Winter Slump. Maybe I’ll even finish a rough draft of that sequel.
Looking back, all of the baby steps I took in my work and ideas I’ve had about making writing a more active part of my life were a direct result of my attendance at the Writers Work conference. I strongly urge any and all writers (emerging or established) to attend the conference and take part in all that Tracy creates. It’s one thing to WANT to be a part of something and another to actually take action and do it. I am thankful to be a part of this writing community and hope I can help it grow by urging my fellow writers to take part.
— Josh Conrad, Author of Cyberworld
I am so glad that I put my fear and self-doubts aside and signed up for the program because being around and working with the writers to improve myself and help them along the way has made me better in just a matter of weeks! I am truly glad and appreciative that I found Writers Work.
— Sarah Jospitre, Journalist
I got several great tips on time management at the Writer’s Work seminar, as well as creative insight on managing plot. The other attendees were great company— I felt part of a supportive community.
— Lizabeth Bradley, Freelancer